Tell Gov. Northam: Stop the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines

The proposed Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast pipelines would transport fracked gas through West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina, threatening rivers, creeks and wetlands in thousands of places, as well as national forests, drinking water sources, endangered wildlife, and local farms and communities.

These pipelines are abusing eminent domain and seeking to take landowners' property against their wishes.

The unneeded pipelines would not only worsen climate change, but will also increase everyday energy bills, just to pad company profits.

A year ago, Virginia's then-Lieutenant Governor Northam wrote a letter to the Va. Department of Environmental Quality demanding that these pipelines “should be held to the highest of environmental standards.”

But the DEQ bungled the process of reviewing the permits for these projects, leaving our streams, rivers and drinking water vulnerable to permanent damage.

Now that newly-elected Governor Northam is in office, he has the authority to ensure that DEQ’s work lives up to his words. He needs be reminded of what is at stake and who carries the burden of this imminent and lasting harm to Virginia waters and communities.

Add your voice now to help stop the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines and save our waters and communities from disaster.